Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Research Structures for the Sudd

Here are geodesic domes that would work on the Sudd.  The best suited for our needs at Duk is a dome system by: Pacific Domes

There are domes of many sizes.  The galvanized steel tube frames will last with minimum maintenance indefinitely.

The vinyl skin would need replacement in 12 to 18 years.  I can imagine that a reed thatch on a flexible sub-structure like rope could be created and draped over the vinyl to extend its life.  It then would blend into the village.

Dwelling domes could be placed on elevated wood floor decks on treated 'pier' poles in areas where it is probable that water will return.

The domes can be assembled on minimum foundations.  If those foundations fail in flooding, the structures can be easily reassembled on new foundations.

As you can see in the pictures, these structures can be flown close to our project, and then carried by smaller vehicles.  More research is needed here, but you can see from the picture that transporting this 'material' is much easier than traditional construction materials.

I spoke with Justin at Pacific Domes.  The 16' (200 sf) dome sells for  $4500, the 44' (1500 sf) for $31,000.  They will reduce the price for our non-profit humanitarian effort.


The other company I show here  'Shelter Systems'  has more 'temporary' structures built from plastic tubing.  These may be used for green houses or storage structures.  I included them to show there are other systems out there.  I will continue research........

Pacific Domes 5 Pacific Domes 3

Pacific Domes 2 Pacific Domes 4

Pacific Domes