Friday, February 26, 2010

Initial ASAH Building Plans

Dear All:

I updated the "Initial ASAH Building Plans" per Ron's request to show more site area. I included our future dorms and a Kitchen/Utility/Storage building to show a full use of the site.  I have highlighted and numbered the items we are thinking about doing in Phase One.

Please review and comment.  This is just ideas to get the ball rolling.

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Duk School- Feb 2010 Intial Site Plan

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Initial Building Plan for African Soul American Heart Boarding Facility for Orphans in Duk Payuel, South Sudan:

Two of our Board Members plan to meet on site with the Contractor, our on-site Administrator, and Duk Payuel Village officials to begin our construction in Duk. An overview is detailed below and diagramed on the accompanying plan:

1.  Container Storage Building-

the container structure will be placed on foundations and used as a secure storage building. It will be positioned with the foresight of using it with another "future" container to construct a utility/kitchen/storage building in a latter phase of our project.

2.  Store, Administration Office-

Our first structure will be initially use as a sleeping room and a "kitchen/office" to house (2) grinding machines.  The grinding machines are small and may be carried outside for dust control.  We have presently ordered one machine and will experiment with the process before we send it to Duk. It will later be use in connection with an additional structure to interface-face with village as a office/store.

3.  Well-

Centered for use in all aspects of daily life, it will be a source for personal cleaning, for use in preparing meals, and for the gardens.  Depending on the availably of the water, a pond could be created in the play area for recreation.

4. Visitor Tents-

We plan to have two initial semi-permanent tents for temporary housing.

5. Latrine-

It will be raised and constructed per village standards.

6. Fencing and Gate-

At least 250 meters (750 feet) of fencing and gate will be required to house the structures and activities shown on the accompanying diagram..

7. Garden Seed, Tool and  Hand Pumps-

Food is a major concern in Duk. We want help to bring stability by providing seed and tools for gardening within our compound.

Later phases of our project include dorms to house 48 orphan's, a dining and kitchen facility, additional offices, stores, an additional latrine and expanded gardening.

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