Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Leader in Education for Sudan

On May 15, 2010 , we were invited to celebrate with our friend and 'Ambassador for Peace' Dr. Kenneth Masungu at his Doctorate celebration party. Dr. Kenneth is from Southern Sudan and graduated from NDSU with Ph.D of Education.  After he earned MBA of Education, he worked for 7 years to achieve the highest degree in education.

Now he is working in Juba for the South Sudan Department of Education to restructure their education system. 

Dr. Kenneth is a wonderful family man with a large and united extended family.  His main motivation in the pursuit of his high degree was to inspire the many Sudanese he comes in contact with to work and achieve a life of the highest standard.  He wants the youth from Sudan to know that they too can achieve anything when they are willing to work hard and give of themselves.

Dr. Kenneth has been constantly working on his inspired project called "The Young Shepherd" to bring aid and build a hospital near Juba in South Sudan.

Click this link to access the Young Shepherd Site

Dr. Kenneth is the uncle of South Dakota Pastor Hakim.

Reported by Keiko Foss


Dr. Kenneth with his NDSU advisor and wife.  Dr. Kenneth's daughter Roza stands proudly at his left.


Kenneth's nephew, Pastor Hakim with his wife Izumi, children and others.  Kenneth's wife Agnes is on the left of the picture.

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